Friends with benefits (I guess) is now being more caring and sent me a good morning text?

I don't know if I should call it a friends with benefits relationship. It wasn't like there was some sort of agreement. He didn't want a relationship at the time because he was still getting over his ex-girlfriend. He has told me how much he liked me on occasions but that he was "being stupid". I "broken up" with him a few times and he's always came back. It's now basically been a year since I've known him.

This last time did not end very well and we didn't speak to each other for two weeks. He said he didn't even what to be friends we me. Two weeks later I got a email from him asking me for my phone number again and that we should be "friendly". We've hung out once since then and in that encounter we ended up making out like teenagers. At the end of the night he kissed me good night and texted me that he had a "really great time". Since then I've been getting random texts from him asking me how I am and what I'm doing. He's gone back to calling me sweetie, even though I mocked him the last time.

This past weekend he texted me at 8 o'clock and told me that he was on his way home but that he could stop by for a little while if I wanted him to. I told that it was fine and that I was just watching TV. Exactly 1 minute later he texted me back and said "I should just go home." I asked him if he was alright because he sounded a little down and he said "I'm bad, you should realize that." He start apologizing for the confusion and in his apology he called me babe, I haven't heard that one in a while, and said I was too good to him.

Yesterday while we were both at work he sent me a good morning sweetie texts. I haven't gotten one of those since we first started trying to date.

I'm not really sure what to do since I can't be sure that he's over his ex by now and I know that people in his emotional position can sometimes run hot and cold.

Do you think now he's trying to test the waters for a real r
Do you think now he's trying to test the waters for a real relationship?

There are more things he's started doing differently since we started talking again but it's too long to but here.


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  • I think he might be trying to test the waters.


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