I want to give up on dating since to date laughs at my jokes?

What do you call a trio of gangsters rapping? The three cusketeers.

You know why's my birthday in April? Cause I become the funny bunny.

A zero on an exam in the Navy is the worst type of failing grade. Because it means you got bombed by a Japanese zero.

I am so pathetic and lame because of my Asperger's syndrome and I want to be cured or I'll go on a shooting rampage.


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  • I don't get the jokes. Best stick to the mass murder...

    • Most guys in America joke their virginity to a prostitute since dating requires top-notch standard. It's a fact.

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    • Funny and make sense? That's impossible for me. I have Asperger's and even though I'm 21 and been observing people talk for 3 years, I can't improve.

    • Stop telling jokes then. Jokes aren't really that important when on a date.

What Guys Said 1

  • those jokes were terrible sorry. but dont go on any shooting sprees please.


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