Should I forget about him?

he's single, he's the most trustworthy guy i know (ive known him for 8 years and he knows more about me than i knew, meaning he prob liked me in the past) he's known for being faithful and loyal in his past relationships. his family lives near me we met each others families and we get along very well. when i was with him last he looked at me like no one ever has. he moved away awhile ago before last time i saw him. he said he likes me and wants me to meet his dad. last time i saw him was a month and a half ago and he got a new job he works day shift so i never can really talk to him. he works all day, he sleeps all night and eats that's all he does. he doesn't talk much to me bc he's so busy. i trust him, buti wouldlike some attention. we used to talk and i told him that i was talking to someone else (bc i was afraid of relationships at the time). he said only reason we stopped was bc i said that. i respect his space and understand that he's working, but i dont like waiting i do really like him though and could see us together. I don't know if i should wait thing is it's bc i dont want to build my heart up on feelings for him to find out that i wasted my time and get a broken heart. so please comment below and VOTE!
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i did not tell him im not interested he knows i like him too


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  • You already told him you're not interested (from what i could tell). So if you what to get him you could have to ask him out. Some men won't bother women who aren't interested in them.


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  • i think that u should simply have a long talk with him tell him how u feel because that's what i do it it helps most of the time just tell him that u need more attention and u feel alone and don't like waiting and whatever else needs to be said and im sure he will understand :)


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