Dating for about a month, how to get her more responsive?

Dating a girl for about 3-4 weeks, we've made out a couple of times, gone for romantic evenings in cool new cities or simply quiet locations.

Overall gift giving (birthday), date locations, romantic connection etc has been pretty flawless I must say, both effortless (spontaneous drives, random cafes or places to visit) and also creative

Thing is said she wasn't much of a techie and not great with replying immediately, I dont mind this, this is what has probably made our dating so much more fun.

She has some visitors (parents) and she hasn't spoken to me at all, I freed up most of my week but have been busy otherwise training, work or going out with mine and her friends. I told her we should meet a week ago on our usualy day (tuesday) but she usually always reschedules, this time she didn't. I understand she must have her plate full with her parents so I deviated a little, told her to enjoy her time with them and poke me call/text when she gets some time off

Thing is she never initiates a text or conversations, mostly because she is very undecisive or shy but otherwise it could be some mind games. I just dont want to lose any spark because our dates or evenings together are truly amazing both ways, teasing, making out, simply enjoying the stars etc its hard to believe we aren't both emotionally invested.

I just want to know if im often thinking about her should I wait for her to throw me a text or just contact her myself in a playful manner that she is super quiet but that how her week with her family has been etc... or any advice on her to make her a little more proactive? 1 week without contact I've read a 100 different opinions but I want to make sure I come across as very interested but not needy, she knows I have a very active life yet I do make as much time as I can for her.
Tried that, just I give in and end up contacting her before she does it first, even if I only throw a word in every 2-3 days its still me starting.
So we finally exchanged a few texts, I have a pretty massive business day today so I can just hope she asks how it went if not ill be asking her out again anyways since I feel thats how she likes it, she always responds positively when I initiate conversations so I suppose she always wants me to lead. Some people probably like that whilst others prefer to have it both ways, I do but I don't mind too much so long as I know that is how she likes it and i'm not getting an incorrect message.


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  • How about the next time you talk, you can end it with text me/call me later?

    • Tried that, just I give in and end up contacting her before she does it first, even if I only throw a word in every 2-3 days its still me starting

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    • You could also keep telling her to call you, but not too often. And if she doesn't, you could ask her why she didn't and start the conversation from there. No problem.

    • So it seems I might have lost this little ship, no response on a next date but I've done my share now, so if I dont see her I will know the message either she is no longer interested, scared to commit because she is leaving potentially in a few months or simply hasn't checked my messages yet which also kinda sucks, showing I might be thinking more about her than vice versa

      Im ok with either outcome I just prefer to not be lead along, lets hope to see how it turns out

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