Why does he search girls he says he doesn't know but does?

My searched his girlfriend and boys she took a picture with about two weeks ago and he said he didn't search her but to not argue I let it go. This week he searched three other girls and I asked him what for and he said he didn't mind you one of them he said he didn't know but likes all of her pictures and now searched her. I explained to him that I wasn't stupid and girls don't appear on his seach history if they haven't been searched. He lied straight to my face for what reason?


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  • he must have thought you would be easy to lie to. either that or he was telling the truth


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  • Because he's obviously up to no good and didn't want you to know. Girl, I've been there.


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  • ur not giving him enough sex?

    • No I give him plenty

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    • Thats weird lol 😂

    • hey it works dont laugh at it

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