When will my pain go away?

Sometimes the hardest choices we make are the best choices we make. Especially when you grow up and you start thinking realistically and what is best for yourself !

I made a choice of letting go of someone I knew was bad at me but the emptiness sucks.. I know I will be fine because it didn't go on for a long time but I enjoyed his presence but I know it wasn't good for me.. I wanted and deserved more
I got scared and in order to not get hur t in the future I ended it


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  • you will meet someone. if that someone is a descent guy, you will forget about your past experiences u had because you will be too busy focusing on whats presently happening. it might take a while for the right one to appear


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  • just give yourself some time to move on. it sucks right now, but i promise it will pass. let yourself move onto someone else. or even something else if you prefer a hobby or something. hang out with friends, go shopping, have some you time. just keep yourself busy and stay positive!


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