What is he thinking? Guys, help with this weirdo?

so I meet hot new man. We start off steamy, spending most of our time on bed. Sex is great. We spend couple of months closely together. Then I freak out because I start to fall for him and he says he is not ready to be in serious relationship. He divorced his wife of 12 years 1 year ago. They have 2 kids. He doesn't want to end it but understands when I do and we then dont talk for 2 months.

After 2 months he contacts me all of sudden when we in other town at same time and we end up in bed again. He treats me like queen and says he missed me and sex is greeaat (i mean amazing!) but we dont discuss the future.

After that night he calls and texts me but doesn't initiate that we'd meet up. After week he asks me for coffee to talk about business (we have common work ventures) but doesn't mention sex or anything like that. Even the coffee is in morning, in coffeeshop! What is going on? He has been crazy about me! He seems to have backed off on intimacy, does he just want to be friends now or what? Why does he want to meet me then, this business discussion is not even important or anything we would need to do. Im lost!


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  • Sounds like it could be that he is trying to develop a relationship that is more than just physical. Trying to develop the parts of the relationship that are friendship and emotions by taking time to talk without getting into the sex part.

    • Maybe.. I think he might be taking step back trying to figure out how he feels or he just actually wants to be friends now. Thats fine I just want to know. Will find out soon

    • Thanks for MHO :-)

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  • You should have asked this question 2 months ago. He needed you, he had you. He is not ready to be in a relationship, then it's just a straight dead end road for you. You have all the answers in front of you, but you enjoy his company. So, choose the path you won't regret.

    • I wasn't born yesterday I know this. What I was asking is why does he want to meet at all then. To talk about business yea right

  • Why you're like that?
    You felt but he didn't..
    He's needs a friend who can have sex with and talk to and stuff..
    He doesn't want to fail again
    Or maybe he's afraid of losing you..

    • Why Im like what.. I want more than just friends and if he doesn't then I dont think we should meet. He knows this, so I was just wondering what he might be thinking.

  • He's found another side chick. You've been replaced.

    • Lol you youngsters are funny

  • yea he is weird dont talk to him


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