A date tomorrow!

Okay so hell yeah! I managed to work up the guts to ask my Argentinian dream girl out on a little date tomorrow. Coffee is the plan and I am really excited she said yes. So I want to make a good impression here is my checklist:

Nice outfit

Good hair

Not going to smoke the whole day

Fresh smile and breath

Burberry cologne

Pay the tab

Hopefully have some interesting conversation

Confidence thanks to some very beautiful women telling me they wish they would have picked me

Respect for her, she is really unique

Is there anything I am missing? This is the first date I have been on in years since I was in a relationship the past 3. Am I missing anything? And what advice can you give me to make it enjoyable and comfortable for her? I really want to make a good impression and while I usually don't worry much...She is just about everything I could want in a girl so I would like to make her just as giddy as the 10's who faint in my presence.

I thought I was outta luck when she told me we were going to have to reschedule but much to my surprise, she came through. We met up at the coffee shop and she was there before me! We sat down and talked for probably 2 hours.
When we were done, she said she had fun and would like to do it again sometime. She commented that her and I make fun of the same things and that seems pretty promising.
Date #2 today! And check this, she thinks I am cute and she said she is into me too. "Take criticism lightly" is probably what helped the most. Thanks! Wish me luck.


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  • - Be yourself

    - Smile

    - Take critisism lightly

    - Enjoy the evening

    ^^^ Those ones are the only ones that matter IMO, but then again - you have compiled a great list... Try not to plan things out so much and instead simply enjoy the gift of today.

    "Tomarrow has yet to come, yesterday is history... Today is a gift, which is why we call it the present" - Live, learn, laugh

    ~ ArtistBBoy

    • Damn son, and I thought I was wise. You have just empowered me through straight up words. I appreciate it. Thank you!

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    • Thank you I appreciate the compliments haha.. I hope the date goes very well =)

      I'll look forward to that update =P

    • =) Haha I'm glad that worked out for you man! Congratulations!!! Have an excellent night man. I appreciate the update

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  • Congrats haha. This is a good list, I'm sure you will make a great impression. You already have the confidence part down, which is already very winning.

    Just something that I might add, seeing that this is a coffee date and might be a bit more casual, is to not to come off as too eager... that could scare her off or make her feel uncomfortable if she wasn't sure about her feelings for you yet. Be yourself, have fun :)

    good luck!

    • Thanks, I tend to be pretty laid back so this should be in the bag. I will still need the luck though!

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