What does it mean when someone says i'm an emotional brick wall and I can't truly get into the relationship?

Dating a guy that said that he's an emotional brick wall and he can't truly get into the relationship and kept telling me je's crazy. What does he mean by all of ths?


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  • It means he is not a good choice for a relationship. He'll get with you if you persist, but it will end badly. When someone tells you they are not relationship material, BELIEVE IT.


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  • He's Creating intrigue... if he didn't want you hed just say not intersted.

    People pretend to be emotionally unavailable bc it makes them more desirable.

    It's a psychological manipulation tactic aka playing hard to get.


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  • He means that you are not emotionally read for a relationship. Be feels that you don't trust him enough to open up to him about things. You aren't giving your all in the relationship and won't let him in. Perhaps you have some kind of trust issues?

    • Oops, I thought he said that to you. What I said instead applies to how he is and not you. Again, I apologize for misreading your question.

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