Why was I born a Black man with Autism?

All my life, I have been rejected and scrutinized by my peers. Black folks treat me so bad and make fun of my neurological disorder. They say I am retarded and all woman think I am ugly. I guess I will die alone and every time I look in the mirror. I see this shithead and a Chimpanzee. I just wish God didn't throw a light bulb on my face and make me a piece of shit. I hate who I am. I don't love myself and females don't show me any love. Why was I born? I don't have any motivation to prevail in life. I am a piece of junk and a nappy dude. I feel so nappy and ugly inside. Yesterday, I seen all these big booty light skinned females an I was turned on by them. I asked myself? "Why the Fuck would a female want a piece of shit like me?" I'm a ole garbage can dude.


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  • Stop talking down to yourself like this. I'm sorry that you've been rejected by your peers. Everyone gets rejected at one point or another, but it sounds like right now you are your own worst critic. You need to try building yourself up, and I would suggest talking with a counselor regularly. Attitude really is everything. You aren't ugly, you don't look like a chimp, so stop with all of that mess.

    Also, what do the females being "light skinned" have to do with anything?


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  • My son has autism on the more severe end of the spectrum. There is no 'why'.

    There's also no good answer as to why billions are born lacking access to health care, so many are hungry, so many physically ravaged by disease.

    Like most humans you have been dealt a mixture of lucky and unlucky traits.

    I'm sorry you're struggling right now. You have a lot going for you.

    You don't strike me as ugly. I suspect it's social skills that have held you back dating. Social skills are exactly that:skills. Some people pick them up naturally. Some need more formal practice. That doesn't mean you can't build them.

    On top of that dating is tougher for men under 25 than older. Don't give up hope because of the past.


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  • No you're not. Every person is unique in their own way. Fuck what people say. Some of the smartest, most charismatic people are autistic. Try to use your strenghs to become the person you want to be.

    You're not ugly, you're not a shithead, you're not a chimpanzee or a garbage can dude. Don't tell yourself that.

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    • You're so self defeating it's sad.
      Not all people who suffer from autism turn out to be like Elliot Rodger or the virginhunter either.
      There are so many succesful people with autism like Mozart, Tim Burton, Einstein, Woody Allen etc...
      I tutor an autistic child twice a week. She's like the highlight of my week. She's sweet, happy, smart, beautiful etc... If you want to wallow in self pity, go ahead. There's no need to drag anyone else with you.

    • self-pity? What hell are you on?

  • You not even ugly. God made you in his image. You are special.


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  • Dude just don't say this about yourself, you are not the only who have Autism and God is just testing you to see if you are patient or not and to see if you are thankful or not, looking at your picture, I don't see anything ugly about you, your self confidence is waaaay more for you and your life than those "girls with big booty"

    • Waaaay more important* for you...

    • Plus people who have Autism are very smart and have abilities that no one has so instead of talking like this about yourself, why don't you look at the bright side?

  • That's not so bad I can see how your Autism is a problem though from what I've heard its actually a manageable disorder.

  • Though I cannot relate to your issues with regards to race, I can relate to your feelings of self hate and self loathing.

    Brother I can tell you this much is true, God took His TIME to make you just as you are. There is NO ONE else like YOU in the ENTIRE WORLD!! Let that sink in... now take a step back from 'the world' as it were. Get out of the, 'what about me' and 'I need..' mindset. You have been endowed with gifts, wonderful gifts from God. Focus your energy and life on the needs of others and everything else will fall into place. Amen

  • You look normal, But anyway, I'm also considered autistic and part black... so we're in the same boat...

    although i am white too, so its not as bad for me... But i get what you mean, light skin latinas or white girls only want normal white guys...

    And being black is hard to get em, but there are some you just need to search for them. Also don't let a label define you, just because the doctors say your're austistic don't listen to them...

    You look normal like a chill black guy that could be cool to hang around

  • I hope you're not a manlet at least. How tall are you?

    • And what the fuck are you complaining about being black? You do know that white women love black guys?

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    • I don't know seem like someone that wants attention would make a post like this. You need to get over it.

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