GUYS: I just broke up with my boyfriend and need some of your opinions?

I broke it off with these words, "I feel like sh*t and want to be on my own, I think I want to be single for awhile. I am very moody and I don't think it's fair that you have to deal with these all the time" he then wrote back by saying he respects my decisions and understands and to do whatever it is that makes me happy. He won't hold grudges as he really likes that I am honest and that it's fine I need to figure out whether I really want to be in a relationship. He then said I know where to find him if I need anyone." How could he be so okay with this?


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  • all i can say dear this man really loves you even though he keeps his sadness deeply inside of him he just acting as sweet liar just to make you feel happy and yes he respects u honestly, i would rather say its not easy nowadays to find such as those kindhearted guys and girls. you're lucky if he is so open minded like this it means no matter how he hurt him self just to give u the key of freedom what you want. dont worry he will wait you dear such as those lovers style they don't give up easy :)

    • my heart hurts :(

    • do you think he'll come around?

    • well he might never disturb ur life ever and he might be totally vanished from ur radar but he will be there when u really need him back , keep in my mind u left him so u must politely get him back. but i am sure he is kindhearted man not everyone do this nowadays excepts open minded guys and girls who just want u to be there when u feel truly that u are into him again by ur own choice.. he just love u but he don't want to force u but yeah even if hurt him self for u cuz he respects ur decision of giving u a space of freedom like a wise man.

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  • Don't assume that he's okay with it by what he's saying. He's clearly trying to think this whole thing through; if he didn't care, he would've just shirked you off.

    • felt like he is.

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    • do you think he'll come around :(
      i hope I didn't make the bad choice of doing that.

    • You asked for some space, you need to get him back yourself. Odds are more than likely that he's waiting to see how you'll sort this all out and if you really want to be with him afterwards.

  • It could just be that he is compassionate, really cares about you, and wants you to just be happy. Either with him, or without him.

  • I wouldn't be. Tbh it sounds like you are kind of depressed and need help, support, and possibly to see a therapist. The reason he says this is because men today are conditioned to take whatever a woman says at 100% face value, and if they do not agree then they are harassing her. They don't want to be the creepy ex who can't take a hint so they just back off even if their instincts say otherwise. It is the same with playing hard to get, guys don't want to risk that she isn't playing and being accused of harassing her.

    Honestly, what he says sounds like a rehearsed answer.

    If you want his help and support (sounds kinda like you do), tell him that you changed your mind you are scared and you need his support. He will most likely gladly come back. If not you are better off without him. As for what you said have you considered seeing a therapist, it sounds like it might be best.

  • He's not ok with it but what is going to do, hold you hostage?

    • how do you know he isn't okay with it.

    • Cause I've had girlfriends before. What he said is all a bunch of BS. It feels like someone stabbed you in the stomach with a screwdriver and is twisting it up.

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