Girls, ok ladies I really wanna delete it but I feel like if I do ill never have a shot at a relationship?

ok so bascially this question is asking your opinion on my okcupid profile cause part of me wants to delete it cause im getting nowhere i send mesages to women. they view my profile but i get no repsonses back im not sure if i look like a creeper or someone whos desperate but i get nothing. its any girl on the web site too its not just one type im talking below average, average, above average hot. so i need tips on what i can do to get reponses back or do i just need to accept the fact im not gonna get one and just delete the profile


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  • Your photos are horrendous. Get someone to take a picture of you in natural light.

    • So the lighting is bad but i look ok

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    • That's a you issue. Not sonething the rest of us are going to be able to fix. So like, control yourself. These questions are getting tiresome.

    • If your tired of them you really dont have to post

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