Right person means one with a spark and has the qualities you like and vice versa?

And would this be the basis for a successful, lifelong relationship?


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  • Yes, I would say someone who "gets you" and you both have this "aww I wanna care for you" feeling. Understanding/communication is the most important and of course chemistry/attraction. Someone you think about all the time and want to share everything that happens to you with that person. A sense of camaraderie, a friend, someone you feel "at home" with and you can be yourself.

    • You know, I've noticed couples who have this tend to naturally move fast in a relationship, like after a month they feel like they know they would get married but still take it slow in order to be cautious.

      Many relationships that go on for years sometimes are due to low compatibility but they just keep giving it a chance until they finally give up. Know what I mean?

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    • LOL cool. We just don't have that strong of feelings and have some differences in lifestyle and interests so better as friends. Thanks for the answers!

    • Haha wait a min.. you didn't answer... you guys kissed before? I bet u did :P

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  • yay... i think so..;-)


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