How and where do you find a relationship if no one wants one?

I'm tired of being single.. It makes me sad and lonely. Where can I find another person or other people who want a relationship? Why dont people want one?


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  • There's nightclubs, bar, online dating, parties, and other places that you can put yourself out there.

    • Well yeah but online dating is for friends with benefits and sex only i have learned that over the past 3 years it sucks

    • You never know until you actually meet the right guy for you.

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  • ever try online?

    • Been online for 3 years and guys just want sex on there.. and pics... no relationships they are used for sex now..

    • How old are you if you do not mind me asking?

    • 18.. im the only one eho is single out of all my friends who are 19 and 18

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