Any advice? I think she's pretty and she always stares at me when i pass by and im not sure what it means.

Okay so here's the thing i really like this girl from school but i haven't talked to her in two years and i have NO classes with her. Im thinking of asking her out not like "will you be my girlfriend" but like asking her out somewhere and seeing where that goes but is it a good idea like if some guy that hasn't talked to you asked you out would it be weird or awkward? My friend that does have her in one of his classes told her i think she's pretty and she always stares at me when i pass by and im not sure what it means please help... thanks in advance!!


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  • Be cool just start a convo be like
    Hey we haven't talked in a while maybe we could go to chipotle for lunch and catch up?
    Something easy and chill like that if she responds well then make it more than just two friends if she doesn't respond well it can just be friends


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  • Don't ask her directly to be your girlfriend.
    Do strike up a conversation when you find her by herself. If you get anywhere, ask her out. Make it simple.
    Example: "Conversation, conversation, blah blah blah, good point in the conversation, some sort of transition, hey, would you wanna see Age of Ultron on Friday?"

    If you don't get to the asking-her-out part, then just find her the next day.

    Maybe in your conversation try to find out if she's busy/what she's doing on Friday too. But that's not totally necessary. If the subject of movies or some date-type thing comes up, that's also a good time to ask.

    Good luck, have fun.

    • Remember my movie thing was just an example. Could be even more simple or short than that. If you can drive, and/or go get lunch with her, even better.

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  • Just ask her to go for ice cream or something simple like that.


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