Why would a guy who is afraid of being in a relationship withhold sex at times?

So I've been dating a guy for 10 months and sometimes he withholds sex and pushes me away and it's usually when we get super close and he feels the relationship is getting serious. I now he has commitment issues because his friend secretly told me he's afraid of being in a relationship cause of bad experiences in the past. Why does he withhold the sex when we get closer?


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  • He is just slowing the pace down at times to suit himself...
    He has some issues as you say, Sounds like he is working on them, just isn't coming together over night

    • Thank you for your answer. I used to think guys love to have sex and it's weird when he doesn't want sex and doesn't initiate. I dont want to sound vain but i am very attractive at least everyone tells me i am so him not wanting sex makes me feel ugly and unatttractive:(

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    • His mind is somewhere else at times

    • Thank you for your feedback!

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  • Because sex is a very intimate thing.

    • so he feels like sex means that we are in a relationship and it's serious? So Why is he comfy having sex with random women?

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    • So it's best i move on from him? He distances a lot and makes me feel awful about myself and i can't take it anymore:*(

    • If he's causing you distress, then yes, you should move on.

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  • Because for guys, sex makes us feel closer.

    • but i thought guys have no problem having sex , especially casual sex?

    • If this is a guy who has no feelings and just wants to have notches on a bedpost, you are correct. Most guys are not that way. "We don't have feelings that get mixed up with sex;" that is a myth.

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