This girl goes to the same school as me, do you think she likes me?

Alright this girl goes to my school and she's in a few of the same classes as me. Does this mean that she likes me?


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  • By that logic, every girl in you school would like you.


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  • Lol, it's just like the movies... High school students in their late 20s and 30s playing underaged characters lol...

    Tell me, How does one go to school at 26?

    • You never heard of college, bruh?

    • College? ok, so you dumb retarded americans are so dumb and slow you have to spend a few more years in your 20s to get a community college degree

      Obviously because high school is not enough!! Us brits have "universities" mate, something you americans cannot "comprehend"

    • Or maybe I was just being nice and using the word "college" colloquially as a blanket term for post-secondary education. While it may not be correct technically, it's still perfectly understood by most rational human beings that aren't pretentious, elitist fucktards and, as I've stated before, I used the term colloquially.

      I'm truly sorry that for all your fancy "universities", you still couldn't comprhend that.

  • I don't really think that this single fact is enough to say that she likes you.


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