Birthday boyfriend?

My boyfriend is turning 21 next month and i honestly don't know what to get for him...
He's obessessed with cars by the way


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  • Set up a nice date for him. You don't have to buy him physical gifts just do something special for him.

    • got any ideas as to where we should go?

    • Nice dinner. Mini golf if he likes that, a walk around town or in a park afterwards. That's just a suggestion I don't know if he'd like that.

    • sounds good! thanks :)

  • Give him money.

    • he's already wealthy... i want to give him something of sentimental value where he would always think about me lol

    • Convince him to get a tattoo of your face.

What Girls Said 1

  • Cars? shoot if I were you I'd head down to Toys R Us and buy him Hot wheels cause I'm not about saving money to buy him a brand new car or whatever. Take him to see fast n furious 7.


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