Guys, what do you class has being "too full on"?

OK, so you've been dating a girl for 3 weeks, you feel that things are moving pretty fast, (no mention of love nothing like that), you only see each other about twice a week, you text each other every day, the girl asked you a few things that you thought was stupid and not normal (like are you the faithful type, etc), you say nice things to the girl like "i think we could have something good", "the more we see each other, the closer I feel we get", but then you pull away saying you need space for a few days, the girl asks you outright have you already made your mind up not to be with me, the man replies I just need time to think and get my head round this, I'm not used to feeling this way (feeling like I like u), but I'm not sure if this is the sort of relationship I want to get into, but give me a few days and I won't mess you around no more.

What is he trying to tell me? What does a man mean when he says your being too full on?

Do you think from what he's said he will want me back after this "space"? Because why not just dump my ass when I asked him if that was what he wanted? I told him I wasn't worried at hearing the truth, so he had the chance to tell me but he didn't.

Please reply.


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  • The ONLY way to to repair a situation where a guy is feeling suffocated by a girl is to give him the gift of missing you.

    If he feels too pressured, for some reason, then you MUST give him space.This means calling him less, text'ing him less, etc.

    Usually this situation arises from two possibilities:

    1) The girl tries to escalate the seriousness of the relationship too fast - mostly because she really likes him and doesn't want to lose him. This is a huge sign of her neediness and makes most guys run away. Being excited to see a guy, and trying to trap him, are two different things.

    2) The guy is completely insecure and fearful of ALL relationships and is struggling to choose between one girl and all the other girls. This guy isn't ready for a relationship and is only good for short term. Pay attention and avoid if you're seeking something more.

    Give him space, or better yet, meet someone better soon,

    Best of luck!

    ~ Robby

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  • Give him space. Men like to chase, it's built into their psyche. Maybe if you distanced yourself and gave him the space he wants, and then some, he'll be able to determine how he feels about you. Better yet, he won't feel as though you "need" him, and may well end up coming after you because he wants to "catch" you.