Why would a guy bug me so much to date him?

He keeps telling me we would look good together how beautiful I am.. But we've never even met he's just seen what I look like?
why do guys do this?


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  • Because so many of us are jerks and think they can push a woman to do what they want, and aren't concerned too much with what she wants.

    • Calm down doctor Phil... -___-

    • Oh, that was the calm version ;-)

      I'll add "some guys are kind of stupid and only want someone pretty, but don't care about the person." (some women are like that too) What's with that? You've got to live with the person :p

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  • there are times where a girls appearance is enough for us to throw ever reasonable thought out the window. is she cool, does she believe what i believe, basically everything that can ruin her chance of being with us
    where just like fuck it i want her so we go for it

  • Perhaps he likes your physical appearance that and the fact of being in a relationship with somebody.

  • He thinks he's entitled to you just because he likes you. If you don't like him, continue ignoring him. He'll get the message.

  • Because he's thirsty and thirsty guys tend to overrate and when they push and push women to date them, it makes standards go up and up


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