I dislike crushing on someone who I know doesn't share the same feelings?

So I met this girl and at first I was a bit lukewarm about her at first. I thought she was attractive and we connected well but I was afraid to just open up to her due to my most recent relationship ended in disaster.

we went out a total of 3 times and I met another girl between that time. I didn't do anything intimate with either of them, I was just exploring other possibilities. I met both on tinder and thought I'd meet each one first just to see where it could go.

Well after the third date with the one I decided I wanted to move things forward with her. Well, she ended up telling me she felt like she wasn't ready, and that she couldn't give me what I was giving her. I have the worst luck in women.

she's uncomfortable with me being in the air guard. I am leaving in late June for 3 months to do training and she feels like it wouldn't be right to start something up only to have me so distant for a short period of time. I can understand the later issue.

she's uncomfortable with the military issue because her father was a Marine. He had anxiety and drinking issues which eventually ate away at him which eventually resulted in him killing himself which greatly impacted her.

Despite all this I did decide to remain her friend. The problem is exposure to her as led me to like her even more, but she doesn't want that level of affection. She has told me to not wait which I haven't and I've tried, but I kind of just feel defeated and uninterested in other girls.

I've been desiring a meaningful relationship for awhile only to have been burned time and time again by rejection and abusive women. I'm still confident I am a valuable person with a lot to offer a person, and I have my ducks in a row with my career goals well on their way to be achieved, but I feel like despite all this I just cannot find a girl to share my time with.

I know time will dull the feelings and I'll likely lose interest in this curr


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  • Don't lose hope and settle for someone not good!! Good luck

    • All the "good" ones my age seem to all feel like they carry too much baggage or whatever.

      It sucks because I can't seem to get through to them I don't care. I want to be given a chance like I've given them a chance. Nothing has to be absolute which I'm ok with.

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