Which guy would you rather date?

Which guy would you date? i have met both, didn't really date any of them, or thats not how i saw it anyway.

Guy A:
- Dark brown hair, blue eyes, skandinavian
- 24 years old
- Has a okay-looking face, average hight (5'5), skinny/slim, about 6/10
- doesn't text you unless he wants to hang out, but when you hang out its because he wants to take you out (his treat)
- Its very obvious that he's really into you becaue he keeps reminding how attractive he finds you

Guy B:
- Dark brown hair, blue eyes, skandinavian
- 21 years old
- Nice-looking face, tall (5'10-5'11), slim/muscular and his about 8/10
- Texts you a lot, but rarely/never asks to hang out
- You dont know where you got him, if he's really into you or not, he rarely compliments you, when he does it indriect compliments

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by the way its either one or the other. Not both, not neither


Most Helpful Girl

  • None.
    You shouldn't have even brought up the looks part - has nothing to do with what you're trying to accomplish here.

    Based solely on the personality traits or, more accurately, how they treat you none of it seems legit.

    The first guy only wants you for your body, the second guy likes playing games and is so obviously keeping his options open... so... if you don't like being played with or ignored, or being someone's sex toy, I'd move on and find a real dude.


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What Girls Said 9

  • Guy A definitely. Guy B does not seem worth my time. There is no relationship there if it is just through texting, and he doesn't seem to care much about me. However, guy A genuinely cares and appreciates me. All guy B has going for him is that he texts a lot which doesn't sound like a very good quality to me.

  • Neither. Guy B is younger and sounds like a douche. He may be shy truly, but I don't deal with guys like that.

    I need to be attracted to Guy A and by the "average" description, I could tell I wouldn't be. Besides, I like muscular types and he's skinny.

  • I wouldn't date either guy, but I'm afraid I would just be friends with Guy B. You asked who'd I'd rather date, but I'll go by who'd I'd rather not date. I'd rather NOT date Guy B.

    • hmm.. interesting... may i ask you why?

    • Guy B almost perfectly describes my best friend. I love him to death, but not like that. So I know I would never date Guy B. So because this is a 'either or' type question I'd end up dating Guy A.

    • okay :)

  • I always choose the guy who worships me the most

  • Guy A, of course.

  • A but both to me sound very lame.

  • Neither... ...

  • Guy A. He sounds right for me.

  • Guy B.
    I haven't gone through the endless pain of being sexually harassed for my looks if I'm not gonna fucking use them to get me a hot guy.
    Sweet plain jaines are freaking everywere. Easy catches.. Screw that, I want to aim high for fucking once with this face that's caused me nothing but stress in my life.


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