What do you consider a date?

I hear woman complaining men don't take them out on dates. I have done a lot of outdoor activities with woman on date or taken them somewhere to eat.

  • outdoor activities (hiking, travel to a spot)
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  • dinner
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  • lunch
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  • all of the above
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  • fancy dinner or lunch
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  • going for a drink or coffee
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  • attending a sports event
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Dates can be anything... as long as you indicate that it's a date.

    The issue is, is that you can take a woman to a "date" type situation, but if you don't establish it's a date, then it's just hanging out with one of your buddies.

    Any of those could be a date.

    • So if I don't use the word d-a-t-e on the phone, she will think it's not a date?

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What Girls Said 15

  • Well date as in getting to know one and another and hopefully starting a relationship up. I would go for a coffee. Ideally with food aswell so coffee and lunch sounds good to me. Obviously if he isn't a big coffee drinker, he can have hot chocolate lol

    • See that what I find odd, some woman say lunch , dinner or anything. I guess it really a woman prefer on what she considers a date to be.

    • Well time could be a major factor (availability) that's quite vital. I would assume lunch or dinner eould be organised around the time

  • Like dinner or a movie. Something that you go out and get dressed up for.

    • What no trip to the beach?

  • Definitely a fancy dinner or lunch. It just seems classic

    • So you prefer that as a first date?

    • Yeah, it also gives a good chance to get to know each other

  • A date is simply two people doing something and labeling it as a date.

    It can be dinner, fishing, gaming, movies, hiking, swimming, coffee, anything

  • I can't speak for all woman kind, but would consider all of these things to be a date. I actually prefer outdoor activities, they make me feel more comfortable and open. The biggest problem for me and "dates" is when men refuse to acknowledge that it is, in fact, a date. Don't call it "hanging" or "chilling." That is what you do with your buds. Call it what it is, don't leave things in a gray area.

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