How do I tongue kiss a guy?

Iv never tongue kissed a guy and I would like to know how. Can anyone give me tip or tricks.


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  • Right first of all start off with lights kisses then build it into the gradual french kiss...

    - Make sure you don't have bad breath

    - Breathe through your nose NOT your mouth... I hate that, it tickles the back of my throat :)

    - Don't stick your tongue too far down his throat :)

    - Explore his body with your hands... but not the crotch if it's the first kiss... :)!

    - Swallow beforehand so the kiss doesn't get too sloppy

    Basically what you're doing with your tongue is playing with his. My first kiss... I just did what he did and he seemed to enjoy it :) Don't forget at the end smile at him to show you enjoyed it :)

    Hope this helped! x

  • omg tongue kissing is amazinggg (;

    but truthfully no one can tell you how to do it, you have to try it first.

    trust I've been there so I know.

    but putting your arms around his necks turns him on.

    & try to stick you tongue all the way out, don't keep it balled up.

    & kinda of moan too ; )