Girls, do you agree? you give guys your beauty in dating market and guys give you: their confidence and the greatest personality?

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  • i have not really liked a guy based off of what he its more about how he acts and in the long haul a personality keeps me around

    • thanks for mho the word says should be after the word he

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  • What does this even mean?

    • i mean: "guys fall in love what they see and girls fall in love what they hear..."

    • Yeah, makes sense.

  • That's pretty true. The guy wouldn't have liked me if I didn't meet his 'criteria' which were about looks first thing.

  • No bahahaha what dream world are you from? I want to feel attracted to my lover... a personality keeps me around. He doesn't have to be perfect by any stretch but i want a decent looking dude because im a good looking gal.

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