Is this true or Bologna?

Alright so why are girls who look at you aren't interested in you an example I'll use is when I was in a subway and this girl kept looking at me like she likes me then we made eye contact for brief 3 seconds then we got out the same stop and I was like oh well then once I went on another train we managed to see eachother again and I was reading a book so I put my book away stalled my self for 4 minutes and asked for her number but by showing her the motion of texting and I don't know if she heard me as well since it was crowded and luckily only 2 people were Inbetween us she then just shrugged me off and ignored me and made her way down the train I'm like saying to myself what... the whole next 4 stops
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  • Being approached by a stranger on the train is a little intimidating to a woman alone. Could she have felt you staring and was compelled so see who was watching her?

    • Funny thing is she's the one who was staring at me in the subway xD and you know that feeling you get so I just took a glimpse by looking at the stops map and in my side vision I saw that she was looking at me lol

  • Uhm.. maybe she thought she knows you from somewhere.

    • Lol I wish it was that type of stare but she didn't look familiar and my highschool was small because it was new

    • Maybe she knows someone that sort of looks like you..

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