Should I tell her he cheated on her with me?

I thought they had broken up. I should've confirmed it before anything happened. He was depressed, we met up. I thought they hadn't taken it off Facebook yet, but over a week later, it's still up. So I think he cheated with me.

The problem is my loyalty is more to him. I've known him longer than she's known him. We dated, I ended it. I regret it. I've never met her, and he and I are friends.

I worry that if I tell her, since I'm not a random girl, she'll think I'm just trying to break them up.

I'm torn also because I've been cheated on. On one hand, I wouldn't want to stay with someone who cheated on me, but sometimes I wish I didn't know. Like if they're headed down that path, maybe she wouldn't need to know.

Would you tell her?


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  • I think you should tell her then not talk to either of them again. I would want to know if my girlfriend cheated on me


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  • I think you should. I would want to know if my boyfriend was cheating on me...

    • Can I wait a few weeks and see if they end on their own?

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  • Leave their relationship alone and cut the guy off. If you continue to be friends with him it will just remind you of what you did and make you feel worse about the situation. And if you really want to tell her about her boyfriend cheating on her find a discrete, anonymous way to tell her

  • I think you should take a BIG step back and stay well clear of him and her.

    • I'm not speaking to him currently. Ignoring texts. I just don't know if she should know.

    • She probably should but in all honesty I wouldn't tell her if I were in your shoes. Not because I don't want to grief myself but because I don't think any good will come of it. Chances are things are not going to last between them.

    • Agreed. I've been cheated on, it hurts, I'd rather not know.

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