Is this guy not into me or just taking it slowly?

I met him online and we had two dates. We are chatting together for almost 3 weeks. He mentioned several times he enjoys talking and chatting with me and I felt there is a connection. On our second date he touched me few times (my back or shoulder). He is super nice to me, very gentle and uses pet words.

However, he contacts me less this week. He mentioned he is very busy currently and apologized for not texting me. I assured him it´s ok and he has no obligation to text me.

But this leaves me confused. What does this mean? Is he taking this only slowly or not that into me?
and the frequency of the dates is only 1 per week which is really not so much..


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What Guys Said 1

  • Best thing to do is to just ask, don't be scared.

    • I don´t want to ask it via text, I would do it personally, but I need to get the date. I think that I showed him enough that I like him and did also some favors for him. But he didn´t even kiss me on our dates.. :(

What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's just busy is all.


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