Doing little favors for my crush - is it a turn on or turn off?

Guys do you like if a girl you are dating (but you are not in a relationship with her yet) is doing little favors for you - like bringing a cake, or doing sandwich for you, etc.

For instance, my crush was looking for a place where he can buy a custoom made taylored suit and I found a place where he can get such suit and sent him a contact information.

Would you appreciate it or is it a turn off?


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  • I personally wouldn't have a problem with it. In fact I wish more women were like you. Maybe he will take the hint that you're into him, if he hasn't already. Honestly, us guys need a little help when it comes to taking a hint. We're horrible at reading minds. So yeah I wouldn't mind it at all.

    • I really enjoy doing these things, but on the other hand it can look desperate :( It just doesn't feel right when guy is doing all the nice stuff and girl only receives..

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  • Thats cute...:)


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