Is this rejection or too soon to tell?

We went on 3 days, on the third one we slept together, not something i do regulary. Now he said over and over again he wasn't using me for sex, and asked me out for dinner. The day of he cancelled, I sent a text stating I see where this is going, (at first he wanted to spend the whole day with me, then it went to after 2, then it went to after 5, to not at all) so i said I see where this is going, don't waste my time and he called me instantly, stating that's not it, he is interested he just has to deal with his mom and moving his grandma and stuff (he had mentioned this before)... now he hasn't asked me to hang out again, he is still texting, but something feels off, would it be weird of me to ask him if he is interested still and if not just be honest and let me move forward (it has only been 2 days since we had to cancel the dinner date).. or am i just being a worry wart and jjust to leave it alone.


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  • This statement is false.


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  • I think it was a mistake to be confrontational when he cancelled. Things always work out better if you play it cool.


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