My crush told me he was dating another girl?

Crazy story, so we where walking and talking with this older experience men who is about in his 70's. The 70 ye old man was talking about his past love life. And how he used to play games. My crush says I hate when people play games, it's irritating. (I think he was hinting that towards me) I don't play games I was just too shy to make a move and look at him. Well then he starts talking about a girl he really liked but didn't have intentions on taking things ffurther with her, he said he bought her gifts, took her on dates, but there goals where different. It hurt me to here this he actually used to flirt with me and try to show me he liked me. I felt he was telling me this so I could here, but I don't know his purpose. I feel he was trying yo make himself seem like a bad guy to date. So I asked if I knew the girl. And he asked "why did you ask that? I see right through you" Then we all got in the car and he talks about how a girl he saw today was pretty, but I Ignored it, I was moving on once he said he wasn't serious with the last girl and he was dating her while flirting with me. So,

I ask the old man a question, I was hinting this towards him, I said " Why do guys think just because you talk to them, you like them, so they start ignoring you." And my crush goes "Yeah and why do girls flirt with you and send all the signals you like them, and when you tell them you like them they act like they don't like you and make you look like the bad guy?" So I said well I prefer when a guy just tells me he likes me from the beginning, and that was the end of the conversation.

I just feel hurt, mislead, and that was a rude way of trying to tell someone you don't like them. Why do you think He said and did all these things today?


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  • You guys both sound like you're 12. If you have a crush on the dude why'd you say " Why do guys think just because you talk to them, you like them, so they start ignoring you."? You say you don't play games but that is exactly what you're both doing. I think you both should just move on from each other too much hostility.

    • Because, he works at the book counter, and I need books, so when I get books he starts treating me as if I'm coming up there as an excuse to talk to him, and I'm being needy, when in actuality I really just needed the book. I think it be best If I stop going there for a while since that's how he thinks.

    • Why do dislike talking to him if you have a crush on him?

    • I don't, it's just the fact he mmakes it seem like I'm bugging him.

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  • "Crazy story,"

    If it begins this way I know better.

  • I stopped reading when I found out this guy is 70.

    • He is not 70, there are 3 people in a conversation

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    • We never talked, all of it was just chemistry, but not acting on it. He'd stare at me, initiate conversations ask what I like to do for fun, etc... But apparently he thought I wasn't interested or I was playing games.

    • Seems to me that he wasn't flirting with you at all. If another male friend did the same you wouldn't be seeing signs. You think they are there because you like him.
      I don't see him doing anything wrong.

  • You have a crush on a 70 year old man?

    • No the 70ye old was the third person with us

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