Would you think your boyfriend didn't care about you if?

if you were sneaking around with a guy and could only see him every once in a while.

-He didn't ask you about your day ever
-Was always talking about himself
-Didn't phase him when you didn't message him for a couples days
-Didn't message you for a week and 'didn't see your msg' while he was talking to different girls on snapchat all week. Then got mad and said I don't need this shit when you complained.
-Frequently asked for nude photos.
-Would only have sex at his house when you did see each other.
-never complimented you or took you out. (Offered only on birthday and bought you gifts)
-only hung out when it was in his convience.
-would blow up on you and argue with you when you pissed him off seemed moody.
-acted like he was better than you

I guess listing these things I can see why she left but that being said she didn't show me anything either and got passive aggressive with me then acted like she didn't care or nothing phased her. think she just resented me at the end.. at times I felt like she didn't care either. She was the type to hide her emotions to appear strong. I was also a ridiculous amount of stress and was busy with my new career. I explained this to her.


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  • Yes I'd think he didn't care, but I would've told him so and if he didn't try to show me he did I'd leave

    • She did then I feel like I did put a bit of more effort then she wouldn't reciprocate

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    • It was pretty subtle I don't think she would expect me to notice her points going up by one point.

    • I guess, maybe you should mention it to her and ask why

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