Are girls/women more honest than guys when it comes to rate me questions?

I notice that when a girl posted a picture somewhere, guys tend to sugarcoat their ratings, on the other hand when guys asks for a rating, girls tends to be more blunt. What do you guys think?
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  • I've noticed both men and women being more blunt to men on rate me questions, I think they think it's a man so he can handle it and I think some women are more sympathetic towards other women because they know what it feels like to be constantly pressured about your looks.

    I think some women are actually more critical of attractive women though, especially if they think the girl is prettier then them, i've noticed this in real life especially. For example a new girl starts at work and she's really attractive but because she's getting attention, other women say things like "I don't think she's that pretty, if you look at her nose it's actually 1cm off on the left side" or "her body is ok but she her legs are fat" when in my opinion the girl looks just fine the way she is.

    Just dumb, petty shit like that, that no one who wasn't insecure or jealous would even notice or care about.

    That's why I don't take rate me questions or answers seriously and that's why I don't deal with petty bullshit like that, to me if you're going to be rude about someones looks then just keep your mouth shut, there's enough superficial bullshit in the world as it is.


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What Girls Said 3

  • men get to horny and nice

  • I think they're about the same. Many of them rated me as 7 or 8 out of 10 and there were a few guys and girls that rated me a 6 or below. I think both male and female can be blunt and take it to the extreme. An anonymous female told "you look and dress like a housewife" and an anonymous male just straight up said "cause you're ugly" so I've definitely taken a few beatings from both genders. I won't get upset over it though because I know I'm not gonna be attractive to everyone just like everyone isn't gonna be attractive to me. It definitely comes down to having thick skin when putting pics up and asking for ratings because there will be both male and females that will be blunt about their opinions

  • I think it's the same.


What Guys Said 4

  • I think the guys are more extreme in their responses, 'Oh my god your so sexy, message me?' and 'Eww no, your okay/ a bit below average'

    I think lots of girls give good with bad, 'You're decent, but if you did a bit of xxx with make up, it would make a big difference!'

    That is just how I see it.

    • I agree with this

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    • thanks guys, I have to say, I think those three responses are 90% of what you find on those pages...

    • @ccp16 lolz I didn't care what anyone else think of me. It was a troll after all, but man XCuniqueXC and RationalLioness was brutally honest; it was awesome. I like people who are simply blunt or honest.

  • Fuck no. Girls are always like "omg you are beautiful on the inside 10/10"

  • Women are more blunt in my experience on this site. My self esteem and many other guys took a beating.

  • It seems like practically everyone gives only 7's and higher.


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