Should I go on next date with him? Pls help me?

A guy asked from my dancing class asked my phone number, we talked much. And we went on a date and it was awesome. Next day in the class, he dropped me to the bus stop after the class too. And was asking about the new date. He asked me to stay till night; I told that I can stay night on Saturdays after the class. He agreed. He is also giving me mix signals. Telling that, what type of guy I like, one day he asked me that do I like him. He told that even his friend has crush on me. But my problems are like this.
1. If He wants to talk to me, why he cannot say it on a evening (he wants me to stay with him in his vehicle till night – He said that he wanted to talk)

2. When I say, I can meet him only on Saturday, he said ok. Now he is calling me for 3 to 4 mins. No long conversations.

3. He is telling, wait I will call you later, but he never calls as promised now. I think, he was just checking me If I am ok for the day. And that’s all.

4. He was asking phone numbers of other girls in the class. I do not know whether they have gone on dates. But he told that, he talked with them.

5. If he like me, Y don’t he tell. Why he told that his friend likes me. He brought his friend on our first date also. I was very uncomfortable.

6. Should I go on next date with him on this Saturday night, as he is not in touch with me like before?


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  • just go on another date with him and see where it goes


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