Creating a faked facebook to test your potential date/person you're talking to but not yet dating?

My friend created a faked facebook account to see if the guy she's talking to would leave her for a prettier girl . He started falling for the prettier girl while still talking to my friend. she knew she was about to loose him so she stopped her game, and she told him the prettier girl was her friend testing him before they get seriously committed. he believed her. Now thye're married.

what do you think of this story and this guy? I think he's an idiot for staying with her


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  • I think she's an idiot for marrying him

    • i think he's an idiot for marrying her. when he was talking to her, they weren't officially boyfriend/girlfriend yet. if it was me and i found out the guy im dating likes someone else i would dumb him right away. but if i find out guy im dating was testing me when we started dating i would divorce him

    • Well stupid is good for stupid

Most Helpful Girl

  • A guy will always (usually, for the most part) go for the prettier girl IF he really feels he has the option at the beginning of a relationship. If might really appreciate a girl or fall for her personality. But he thinks he can have better looks and great personality, why would any guy settle for less? I think some guys settle cause they don't think they can do better. Or maybe it's just too much trouble


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  • Lolz funny story

    • Where's the trust lolz..

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    • You were winning the game without even playing it hahahaha. I'm so sorry for losing her as a friend, but you are better off without her.. I don't like plastic people.

    • hahaha... pretty true I was winning without playing lol she's so dumb to use my picture , she could've also destroyed my image in front of her family

What Girls Said 2

  • I do not play games in relationships so I do not play games to get them.

  • That's just strange. Why go though the trouble?


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