Guys: Would you ever like/date a fat/chubby girls?

Hi I'm asking this question because I'm in a confusing situation... Before I start I'm 5ft exact and 170 pounds. So u can see how chubby I am if it matters.. anyway
there's this guy I been crushing on all year right. He's just perfect<3 he's so sweet, to me and everyone. Literally nicest guy I've met but... I'm starting to think he likes me too? The thing is I'm not sure of he's just being really friendly or if he actually likes me because I'm chubby and guys go for skinny girls usually. Also, besides the fact that I'm fat and boys don't like fat girls, he's literally perfect, he's tall, has blonde hair, and is in football so he's fit, so he can get a pretty skinny girl if he wanted instead of me. But the reasons why I think he likes me is cus he's so sweet to me and flirts :o.. well I think its flirting? Like he's really shy, so never really tries to make a move but ever since the first time we hugged, he hugs me literally everytime we see each other (which is like 4 times a week only in the halls) and he doesn't do it in a friend way, it's like the cute shy awkward way and he always initiates them nt me. Also he compliments me even tho he's shy like when I curl my hair he's like ur hair looks pretty curled or when I dress nice he says my outfit looks cute on me which confuses me cus I don't believe that myself?:/ also this one day we ditched school to go to chicago together because we live in the suburbs and it legit started our ong rain and he took his hoodie off even tho he only had a tshirt under and let me wear it the whole day :0 he looked freezing but kept begging me too keep it. Then he insisted I take it home with me and keep it as long as I wanted. I brought it back the next day cus I felt awk since no guys ever let me wear his hoodie and he looked dissapointed I returned it so fast he was like "aw already?:/" so yeah honest answer pretty please people and nothing rude.
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I forgot to mention he's a freshmen too. I'm a sophmore. And I don't think he's even had a girlfriend before? He's really shy and I feel like he kinda lacks confidence a bit :/ because normally guys as cute as him are super outgoing. Also.. I have never seen him hug another girl or even walk with him outside of class actually.


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  • Make sure he likes you before making a move. Does he treat you differently from other girls or the same?
    How does he act when he's near you? Try flirting back, see what happens.

    If it turns out he doesn't, oh well, he missed out sou seem nice. Plenty of more fish in the sea.


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  • Yes i think he may like you, guys don't do that unless they do like you and there are definitely guys out there who like chubby girls or aren't judgmental on a girls weight, if he cared he wouldn't even be talking to you but calling you fat to his friends (as some guys do sadly...), so i think you have a chance but i think he's moving too quickly as well.


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  • yes the guy does seem to have feelings for you,
    he hung out with you, gave his hoodie up to you
    you got realize not all guys are looking for skinny girls
    i like chubby girls too i think you need give the guy a chance

  • He defintlty likes but is peobably to shy to tell you so maybe you can make the first move.

  • its not impossible, he may like you, possibly.

  • guys dont like fat girls


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  • I think he likes you! You know lots of guys like bigger girls, right?


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