How do you tell if he's playing hard to get, just enjoys head games or he's just an asshole?

Well question speaks for itself, having problems reading this guy i really like.


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  • This is my whole take on this situation/what you should do if __ isn't give you the time of day.

    If __plays HARD you should play EASY as in leaving their sorry ass alone in a corner

    • If you Didn't play with them to begin with you wouldn't be in this predicament ^_^

    • Well i dont mind playing hard to get... and i semi deserve him being an asshole.. i just dont know how to tell if he still really cares or not

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  • I thought playing hard to get and mind games were only a thing women did. Guys are generally straightforward and would love if the other gender were too, in my experience :D

    • Well i hurt him in the past so i dont know if he's treading lightly or not... he won't give me any answeres to my questions

  • if he says "no" or ignoring u... yet he's still texting u... might mean he's that type of guy basically...:-)

    • What do you mean?

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    • But.. in turn he might only be interested in the sexual aspect of it all... i want him

    • well then act as if you're going to give up to him and want to sleep with him but at the last moment dont , if he really likes you for you it will not be a problem if not... he will just find someone else

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