Would you think that guy friends are mostly there to get to know you and then become your boyfriend?

how much of a percentage of guy friends do you think are actually there to be more than that.

i do have one guy friend who often listens to me and often is right about relationships. he always buys food when we're out and we go out often with his friends and mine just to activities on the weekend. everyone who sees us asks if we're a couple but I don't think so. one of my friends says she does think he'd want to date me. he's mature but not in university. he's about 4 years older than me. we've been friends for about 2 years but I tell my friends that I don't want to ever date him because I see him as a friend and I'm not attracted to him


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  • I'm sure some guys do that sometimes. I have female friends and I have no interest in changing that relationship. Anyway, if the guy is always trying to be around you, I assume that he would like to date you.


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  • It varies. In your situation, he might like you. OR he might have just been raised with traditional manners as far as women go. For example, opening doors, pulling out chairs, paying for lunch, etc. Either or both are possible.

    As for me, I have two kinds of guy friends. I have casual guy friends who are fun to hang out with, joke with, and all that. They're the guys that jokingly and often not-so-jokingly hit on you and other girl friends. Some of them befriend you in an attempt to get to know or 'get with' you or another girl friend you're close to. Not the kind of guy that I go to with my problems or spill my heart out to. But the kind of guy you might flirt with or consider dating.

    The other kind is a close guy friend that you can be your complete self around; who will give you a reality check when you need one; who goes to you for advice; who YOU go to for advice; who you can loan money to and count on him to pay you back, but if he can't, it isn't a big deal because you know he'd make the same exception for you; whose house you could crash at without your parents freaking out because they already know and trust him; who would be the first to 'rescue' or jump to 'protect' you from a random creepy guy; who won't tolerate anyone talking bad about you. Probably not a guy you would date or who wants to date you, because it's usually totally platonic.

    I have a lot of guy friends, but most of them are casual. I have two close guy friends who are like the second example. Both examples can act in the same manner as the friend you're describing, so it's hard to say. Which example seems more like him? I probably actually didn't help at all, haha, I'm just speculating.

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