I was supposed to see a girl but she said things came up? Thoughts?

I've been texting this girl for the last week. Last Wednesday I offered to meet up on Saturday, only for her to contact me at 1pm (on that day) telling me that "She doesn't think she still can". I said ok but would have appreciated a days notice, she said she didn't know unitl this morning.. move on to ask her if she's still willing to meet another time. We arranged for today (thursday). I get a message at about 1am last night... She sent me this long paragraph telling how she can't meet because she has this interview on Saturday outside of the city in its 2nd stage (she said she had to travel today back in the city with her family, and get ready to leave on Friday for it). She gave me the detail of the interview (how it's a team building day, and she said id probably hate her for this and how she hopes im not too mad at her). I read, dont reply until I wake up at 5am. I text her 'ok how about you let me know when you are available.. sounds like you got a lot of travelling to do". Nonetheless she seems like a genuine girl, it's just annoying that she flakes at the last minute.. So fickle.. Thoughts? Is she genuinely interested or is she stringing me along? Anyways I'm not gunna bother asking to meet up anymore, its guna make me look desperate and if it fails the 3rd time then it'll make me look like a dumass

Also she only finished her uni corse earlier this week


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  • I don't think she's flaking on you. Okay the first time was sucky but it seems like she actually has a lot on her plate right now. Just text her and say that you want to meet up but would rather leave it to her to arrange considering as how the previous 2 times went. It's then on her to make plans with you.


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  • Its just a matter of priorities bro... excuses excuses

    • And ure right, dont bother with her anymore, if she asks u to meet up thats fine... if she ends up making another excuse just be done with her

    • I agree man also considering the first time it was on the day that she cancelled. Something better must have come up than seeing me, hence the priority... which leads to an excuse. Chicks bro I swear

    • I know right...

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  • She cancelled plans with you once for a job interview. That's not fickle.

    • No she cancelled last minute last Saturday too and she didn't give a legit reason, only that "things came up"... Nonetheless it seemed she listened when I told her 1 days notice if cancellation

    • Job. Interview. More. Important. Than. Random. Guy. And. His. Feelings.

    • Not saying its not I know she's work motivated, so am I... Still not guna bother asking again coz then I'll look stupid though... however she could have setup a new date with me... Dont understand you ladies

  • It was a job interview! Cut her some slack.


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