Does he like me?

I´m really confused by this guy, so I´m giving you all these facts and tell me your opinion on this.

- we met online,
- we had two dates so far and we spent a really nice time together,
- he wrote me a thank you text after both dates and said he enjoyed time with me,
- but he didn´t proposed a third date yet (second was last Sunday),
- we didn´t kissed yet, but he touched me subtly, I even felt /intuition/ that he wanted to kiss me, but we really didn´t have right time,
- I also told him that I had a great time with him, so he must be sure that I like him. Today I even sent him a kissing emoticon,
- he talkes very nicely to me and acts like real gentleman (opens doors for me, pays for everything, he took me to trip,
- but he contacts me less and I´m worried that he is losing his interest, but on the other hand he always apologizes for not texting or texting back late (I assured him this is not his obligation, etc.)

Do you think he is into me?

  • He definitely likes you, but acts like a typical guy
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  • He likes you, but is busy and wants to take thinks slowly
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  • He is holding you on a backburner or is not decided as there is something about you he doesn´t like
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he also liked few of my statuses or pictures on facebook. yesterday he liked a photo of me from October


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  • Sounds like he just wants to take things slow.

    • Do you think it´s ok when I see him online and he is not texting me back. He didn´t even open my texts.. he is also sometimes very secretive about what he´s doing, but finally it turns out that he was with his freinds, not any woman..

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    • So, we were texting yesterday, he complimented the photo sent him and asked me about my weekend plans. He was travelling when we were chatting and is outside of the city for a whole weekend. We talked about my home town and at the end he told me that he wants me to show him my hometown next week.

    • See? There was nothing to worry about. It sounds like things are going great.

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  • Have you considered proposing the 3rd date yourself? Perhaps he is feeling the same as you are.

    • I don´t want to come up as too clingy or desperate. I think I showed him enough that I like him a lot - I told him that I feel good with him, I flirt with him, I touched him few times (shoulder), on our date I brought sandwiches for picnic and I did also one other favor for him.. so I´m wondering if this is really not clear

    • the other thing is that i noticed that he doesn´t respond to my text so quickly as he used before, he takes more time, so Iˇm really wondering if he became to sure about me and my interest... so if I would ask him out, it could be turn off for him.. :/

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