Why did he say these things to intentionally hurt me?

So there was this guy, I was never really interested in from the beginning until I noticed he was trying to get my attention. He would stare at me for a long time across the room and smile, but I was too (shy) to smile back. He started asking me things about myself trying to get to know me better, then he went cold. So I just followed his role. I treated him how he treated me, when he would smile and stare from the other side of the room, I broke out of my shyness and smiled and stare back. Then he starts ignoring me. So I decided to move on and act like my normal unshy self. He works at the book counter, and I need books. So, he thinks I go up to the counter with books as an excuse to talk to him, and he starts to ignore me, not greet me even though he was being talkative to the customers he turned away when I came to the counter. So I decided to break the ice and started having a casual conversation and he loosened up.

Yesterday, we ended up talking about dating games, woman play, and men play. And he says "he hates the cat and mouse game, It's irritating" then looks at me (which he thinks I'm playing) then he says. I know when someone likes me,, I can tell by their body language.
He brings up anther girl out of no where, there was this girl I was dating, We would talk on the phone, go to gatherings, I even bought her a couple of things, (he was actually talking to someone else when he said this but was looking at me). but I never had any intentions.

Then he says, (& he knows I like him) I was talking to so and so about the pretty girl we saw today. (He said it so I could hear) I ignored it.
Then, I ask the other guy"I have question because I notice this a lot, how come when your talking to a guy they think you like them so they start ignoring you as if your being needy) Then the guy I liked cuts me off and says,(How come when a girl flirts with you and sends all these signs she likes you so when you ask her out she says I don't like you
My Questions are, Why do you think he said all these things today, Should I move on, or give him another chance If it was a misunderstanding, was he playing mind games? How I know he said this to hurt me is gut feelings, and subliminal messages.


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  • Sounds like a douchebag to me.

    • He said those things because he's a douchebag. You should move on because he's a douchebag. That's how he really is because he is a douchebag.

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