Girls, why does my ex still like me?

we dated for two months but we never spent time together on the weekends, because she comes from an asain culture so pretty much her parents are strick and didn't want her to go over to a guys house which I find is stupid, she's old enough to make her own choices she doesn't need her family telling her what she can and can't do, anyways I broke it off with her because she would not go behind her parents back to see me I wanted a proper relationship with her but couldnt because her parents were bringing me down and she wouldt lie to them or not tell them anything.

anyways later on she seen me talking to this other girl who I thought was chatting me up asking me if I was single and so on, later on that night which was a Tuesday she wanted to talk to me alone she asked me if i was dating this girl who I was talking to I said no she just wanted to talk to me and my ex was like oh ok I asked her if she was getting jealous and she said yeah I am and I was like there is no need to be jealous we are not together no more were friends.


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  • She's having a hard time getting over you, it happens.


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