If he hugs you with one arm, what does that mean?

We have been flirting over the last few days, and today he got on the bus and started talking to me. Which he never does. He got in a fight with his girlfriend today and they broke up, but he asked me a favor, and when i agreed he stood up and hugged me with one arm. It made me feel amazing. We have been calling each other a "slacker" since we barley do our work in credit recovery, but we laugh and smile when we do. What is going on with him?
He asked me to sit with him on the bus today when i told him i was bored sitting behind him. We talked the whole time.
It seems like he is finding every excuse to look at me. He got caught kissing his ex and when someone told our teacher, (she is in on this whole situation) he actually looked at me like he was sad that i found out. But, now he is finding ways to see me, like drop his pen and grab it while looking at me. Taking glances at me, and etc. I am so freaking confused on this whole situation.


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  • Normally I only hug girls who are just my friends with one arm because it's kind of awkward giving them a full hug sometimes. I'm sure all guys don't do that so he might like you


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