Is it ok or appropriate to tell a guy that you like him or?

it is better to wait sometime into the dating and get to know each other thing to do it so? When is the best time to tell that then to a guy

I met a 42 yrd old recentlly well lets say almsot 2 months ago and I like him, we haven't gone out just yet as our first date due we haven't been able to re schedule at the same time. For me he likes me tout I could not tell if he does or just want me to be his friend. When we met for the first time back almsot 2 months ago, we hit it off nicely cause we talked a lot abotu his things and my things, he is cool and easy going, seems like a simple guy. One week after we met I rexted him to plan to get togehter and he agreed but like I said we havnet been able to see each other just yet. Then alos in some of the texts we had exchange he first told me that why dont we see each other and do something, like going ot the movies and of course I agree to that.
So far the photos I had posted on FB after we met, I mean family photos he always put He likes it.

Then we supposed to hang out last week on Friday (although we really never set that Friday was suppose to be the day it could had been Satruday also) but he told me he could not on Friday cause he had to take the advantage of the day off to clean the house after some home renovations the day before. and he told me lets schedule it for the next day, I said sure no problem but then the next day he texted me first and told me like in a joking matter You are going to kill me... but I am not be able to make it today, I am so sorry I mean it and and I apologize, I forgot that I had promised my brother (who does not live with him) to take him to run some errands he had to do, lets ets re schedule for afterwards. he said. I told him No worries, but this time I took control of the situation and set the day myself to see ach other finally cause otherwise I dont know when we will see each other again since the first time we met and that was almost 2 months ago. So my reply was: I would have told you that next weekend (this weeendk) but Im having a sports competition , lets re schedule next week on May 16th, After I told him the day he told me> Sure, we see each other then, take care and good luck at the sports competition. I really will like to like me but I know just getting to know each other and with patientce I can succeed but I want him to like me or at least put attention to me, I guess I have to give him hints.


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  • I haven't read the article, but based on the title just tell a guy if you like him.


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  • It's the same as a guy telling you.


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  • Of course it is guys are shy he will love it

    • But what if he freaks out or something cause of coruse he wotn be expecting me to tell him that just like that and soemtiems guys change when alady tells them they like the, I dont want that to happen.. I mean we are both adults in our 40's we can be playing like teenagers and act like ones and all that drama issue that involves.

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    • But what about those who think a man always need to do that stuff to make the first move, to be the gentleman,, cause it is in men nature to do that, ause if a lady do it it may seem she is desesperate for attention.

    • In this day and age na not a problem ur putting to many what ifs, u could come up with a million things in ur head that could go wrong. Think of the very worst thing that could happen! Even if it did u wake up the next morning head held high. if u dont and then u never find out u will kick ur self in the ass when u turn 45 then at 50 all u will have then is i shoulda! Do it. if u want more talk this is 3rd comment u will have to message me. Good luck

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