Why does my crush ignore me?

ok so my crush is in my gym class ( we've only talked a couple of times, other than that we don't talk) and last week i was goofing around and dancing and u did this really cool dance move. So then he comes over and he's like ohh how do you do that?😱 and so i was trying to show him how and it was really cute bc he couldn't do it. Then him and his friend Chad were dancing too and basically we all were having fun and what not

Anyways that was last thurs or something and so I was really excited to come to school on Monday bc i really hoped my crush would talk to me again. But instead the opposite happened, he didn't talk to me. It's almost like he's never talked to me at all bc he just ignores me so I'm really confused.

But his friend, chad has been flirting with me. He'll always come up and talk to me and he'll hug me and today he told my friend that I'm cute. But I don't like him at all he's a total fuckboy.

And it doesn't make sense bc usually chad and my crush r always hanging out in PE and they still talk but whenever chad comes to talk to me, my crush doesn't. And if he does, it'll be my friends and I are talking in our group and chad will come over with my crush and he'll talk to everyone there except me. HE doesn't EVEN LOOK AT ME!! Its like I'm not even there

And I don't get it bc i thought since last thurs he would try and talk to me more but instead chad is and my crush completely ignores me.. HELP


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  • It sounds like Chad has a thing for you and your crush knows about that. Respectful guys tend not to tread on each others known crushes.

    • but why is he ignoring me?

    • Could be a couple of things. One he may be doing it to hide his interest in you and the other he may be hiding his interest in you from the guy Chad.

  • He was chad's wingman basically.


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