Are these signs that he is avoiding me?

I started seeing a guy 5 weeks ago. We had a little thing 4 years ago but stopped the contact.
At the start he was enthusiastic about me. He texted me every day and said he liked me and I was beautiful.
In the past week he has been distant and when I ring him he doesn't sound happy to talk to me.
He said he will work out when he wants to see me? Am I overreacting? what are signs he doesn't want to know me

What can I say to him to find out whatever he is interested? Or is it too early? I have fallen in love.


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What Guys Said 1

  • maybe he has a hard time in his personal life... and this has nothing 2 do with u? ^_^


What Girls Said 1

  • Be straite forward with him and send him a long text about how u feel.. Cuz wouldn't u want to know if he's not into u and that ur just waisting ur time? Then u can move on and it's just his loss


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