Why don't young women like to be approached anymore?

I'm almost 24 years old and I've still never dated because girls reject me every time I approach them. This has been going on since I was in Elementary school. I'm not the only one with this problem, judging by the guys on here. Girls shun guys who approach them. Is this a result of feminism? Why do all girls think men are creepy? My parents even agree with me. They told me girls back in their day were open to guys approaching them. Before you assume, I have good social skills, come off confident, I'm not creepy and I'm friendly.


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  • Women don't like to be approached by guys they don't find attractive. It has nothing to do with feminism.

    • So I guess some guys are unattractive by 100% of women? How else do you explain me and other guys having this problem?

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    • @Jannette723 OR maybe girls don't care that much about looks or being approached. Maybe if I was rich, I would be laid right now.

    • Maybe.

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  • The problem is that girls nowadays are raised to believe that they're all special little snowflakes who are better than they actually are. Most girls have a sense that they deserve to be with the BMOC, even though maybe only 0.1% of girls on campus are in his league.

    Girls just think they deserve better than most guys. I've seen research out there that shows that girls rate about 80% of guys as being below average. It's funny to me, seeing all these girls with average faces and muffin tops rejecting guys who are essentially similar to them.


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  • this couldn't be farther from the truth. there are millions of women who are approached every day. I highly doubt that they all reject these men. we do like to be approached, and not all of us reject guys. I'm currently dating a guy who approached me. he wasn't rejected, and women get rejected as well. just don't let these few instances lead you to such a gross assumption.

    • It's true for MOST girls. You're just a rare exception.

    • Maybe for you. Just be patient. It takes two to tango; maybe you're meeting the wrong girls, or there's something that you're doing wrong.

  • I'm sorry, but this isn't true. You're probably just finding it hard to accept that girl's aren't instantly attracted to you as soon as you approach them. You can't blame them, it's just what it is.

    • It's true for MOST girls, yes it is.

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    • Speak for yourself only.

    • You'd honestly waste an hour or two of a guy's time whom you don't find attractive at all? The fuck?

  • Not true at all...
    At all.

    I ask guys out, but they never ask me out.
    I'd like a change of pace too, ya know.

    • Exactly, I do most of the approaching..

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    • I live in the USA lol

    • Well there ya go. xD

  • From personal experience, I have gotten so used to guys coming up to me either directly or indirectly to try and hook up with me

    Sometimes they straight out say it, other times they sugar coat it which built up the feeling that I cannot trust any guy even the ones who appear friendly

    I actually enjoy it when they approach me, but once they show their intentions I end up feeling sad or annoyed

    While in the past, I'm assuming the men respected women more

  • i am a feminist and i don't think every guy is creepy i would actually prefer guys to approach me and in person ask me out. who knows? maybe they think they are out of your league? i am a pretty guarded person so its pretty awkward the first few times a guy approaches me

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  • Yes, feminism has basically ruined everything for guys. We are all looked at predators and potential rapists today. Dude, you should have been coming of age when I did, in the mid-80s. Mannn.. It was SO SO great! Just think... complete opposite of today!

  • okay first off... a lot of the guys on here are categorically retarded, so going by what happens to them probably isn't the best measuring rubric to go by. Now when it comes to feminism, I'll say that some elements of it make it more nerve wracking on men to approach, because it seems like everything that has to do with a guy having physical attraction to a girl is some form of male suppression... and obviously most guys dont want to be labelled as a misogynist so they end up doing too little when they really need to be doing way more to show the girl that they are interested. The dream world for some feminists is a world where the only acceptable places for a guy to approach a girl is at work or a shared class. But keep in mind that a good number of girls really dont mind being approached. There is a right and a wrong way... you just need to learn the right one

    • Well maybe girls are more open in Canada? The USA has the snobbiest women.

    • i don't think you can say that without actually visiting a good number of other countries and approaching the women there. Canada is also a much more feminist country than the USA is, second only to countries like Sweden. So I don't think girls here aren't any less difficult than American ones

    • Nah, there's no right or wrong way to do anything, there's only what works. And what works for one guy might not work for another. The reality is that women don't really know what they want, or they do but they just aren't capable of being honest with themselves and the world about it.

      The fact is that people in general are less open to strangers in urban areas, mostly because of the threat of crime. Go to New York. Ask 10 people what time it is, and 9 will outright ignore you. The 10th will tell you to buy a watch.

  • Get a Lamborghini, you'll be getting them in no time.

  • That's not true, a lot of things impact how they'll receive you...
    Timing, place, and how you present yourself matters.

  • no... it was just the gals u approached basically...;-)

    wot bout yer looks dude? ;-)

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