Guys, why does a boyfriend do this?

I feel my boyfriend does not really love me... But loves that i give him bj... But what bugs me is that he talks to me like im his guy friend.. He is so direct n open about the fact... He tells me he flirts with girls.. Text them.. N im sure he can tell i get jealous easily n he keeps doing this? .. Y? .. Is it bc he seems to get a kick out of making me jealous? ... I guess i can appreciate the honesty... But he is with me n i feel like he is fishing arpund for something else better.. Is this possible? .. when i ask him do u like me.. He says yes... Then y is he flirting and texting other girls... Who r not even his friend or in the same countrt... does not realize it hurts...


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  • You have a crappy boyfriend I suggest you leave him but women always overlook good guys for dudes like these why? thats beyond my imagination


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