I always need a love interest of some sort? Anyone feel this way?

That's not even the right word for it I guess.
But anyway I liked a guy I was in close proximity with all the time for quite a while but things didn't exactly work out, he ended up with another girl and I ended up seeing a guy. Ultimately I realized I that guy wasn't right for me and since then I've been feeling so weird.

I've never been in a serious relationship. I liked the first guy I mentioned for a couple years. So I guess I went from having him to focus on and be giddy about to seeing a guy who gave me those same feelings to just nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type that likes every guy or the type that NEEDS a relationship or something like that. As I've said I've never really had one.

I just don't like this feeling of having no one to look forward to romantically. I have a life by the way, I keep busy enough. I hate this feeling though! Its driving me crazy.


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  • OMG! Me exactly. When I don't have someone to crush on or something I feel empty inside. I also am not one that needs a relationship or falls for just about any guy, but if I don't have someone to focus my attention on I just don't feel... right. I also have a life too and do many other things besides focus on a crush, but I still need to have someone to "obsess" over, haha. You're not alone.

    • Ughh me exactly.
      I am beyond frustrated right now lol

  • I understand. I feel totally lost if I don't have someone to think about or obsess over. I never know if I actually like guys, or if I'm just trying to find a new love interest and they happen to be there. When I don't have a crush, I start to obsess over guys I liked years ago. I always like someone, even to the point of delusion. It's really sad. I can't remember what it''s like to not obsess over someone romantically. I wonder why I'm like this..

    • I think I'm headed down that path

    • This girl explains it all, haha. I once went like a month without a crush and I literally went insane. I didn't know what to do with myself.

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