Should I message a girl that I used to date in high school on Facebook?

There's a girl that I dated for a bit in high school, but I broke up with her because I wanted to go back to just being friends. She still liked me all throughout high school though and even told me she still liked me at the beginner of our freshman year of college, but we really haven't talked since then. We both just finished our junior year, so she'll be coming back for the summer. I don't know why I've been missing her so much the past couple months, but I want to message her and see if she wants to grab coffee or something and catch up. Do you think too much time has passed and it would be weird if I asked to hang out with her? I'm not desperate for a girlfriend or anything like that, I've dated my fair share of girls in the meantime, but she's just been on my mind a lot lately.


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  • Once she finds out you are n gag you'll be done for. Message her.


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  • nope you shouldn't


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